Newborn, Senior, and Family
Portrait Photographer
in New Market, Maryland

Newborn, Senior, and Family Portrait Photographer in New Market, Maryland

Things To Do With Your Toddler in Frederick, Maryland

Family Activities

As a parent to a toddler, you know all too well the challenges that each day can bring. You’re constantly in search of ways to keep your little one entertained, active, and engaged, all while trying to navigate the complexities of their ever-changing emotions. It’s an ongoing quest to find the perfect balance between expending their seemingly boundless energy and providing them with enriching experiences. Moreover, the need to connect and socialize with other parents for support and camaraderie is equally important. If you’re looking to get out of the house and entertain your tot, check out my list of fantastic places in and around Frederick County where your toddler can have fun and you can enjoy some much-needed adult interaction.

Fun Activities for Your Toddler

Exploring Adventure Park USA 

Located in New Market, Adventure Park USA offers a myriad of attractions perfect for toddlers. From carousel rides to soft play areas, bumper cars to mini-golf, there’s something to delight every little adventurer.

Picnic at Baker Park 

Head over to Frederick’s historic Baker Park for a delightful picnic with your toddler. Spread out a blanket, enjoy the fresh air, and let your little one roam in the open spaces. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Culler Lake for some serene views.

Discovery Station 

Spark your toddler’s curiosity with a visit to Discovery Station in downtown Hagerstown. This interactive museum features exhibits on science, technology, and history, providing hands-on learning experiences tailored to young minds.

Farm Fun at Gaver Farm

 Take a short drive to Gaver Farm in Mount Airy for a day filled with farm-tastic fun! Toddlers can enjoy petting farm animals, navigating through a corn maze (in season), and picking their own fruits and vegetables (seasonal).

Frederick County high school senior in sunflower garden in Maryland.

Storytime at the Library 

Check out the various libraries in Frederick County for engaging storytime sessions tailored to toddlers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your little one to develop a love for books and storytelling while socializing with other children.

Nature Walks at Cunningham Falls State Park 

Lace up your hiking boots and take your toddler on a nature-filled adventure at Cunningham Falls State Park. Choose from easy, stroller-friendly trails like the Lower Trail to Cunningham Falls or the Lake Trail around Hunting Creek Lake.

Smiling high school senior wading in a creek in Frederick, Maryland.

Miniature Train Rides at Walkersville Southern Railroad

All aboard! Treat your toddler to a scenic ride on a miniature train at Walkersville Southern Railroad. Marvel at the picturesque countryside as you chug along on a vintage locomotive.

Creative Play at I Made This! Pottery Studio:

Unleash your toddler’s inner artist at a pottery painting studio in Frederick. Let them get their hands dirty as they paint their own ceramic masterpiece, which makes for a memorable keepsake of your time together.

 Me Land 

offers an indoor playground for kids 12 and under, featuring slides, obstacle courses, interactive games, and more. With zones catering to different age groups, including tots, ball pits, and big kids, there’s something for everyone at this indoor play space.

Sophie & Madigan’s Playground

From the creative castle of Fantasy Land, the magical tea party of Wonder Land, and the adventurous Lost Boys Tree House, each detail is meant to maximize the wonder that kids experience at this whimsical memorial playground.

Each location above offers a unique opportunity to encourage your toddler’s growth, from physical exercise to their cognitive development and even their social skills. These are not just day trips, but lifelong memories being created. So, whether it’s a ride on a miniature train, a nature walk, or a pottery painting session, every adventure is a step towards a well-rounded experience for your toddler. And while they’re busy exploring, you get the chance to connect with other parents, share experiences, and perhaps even pick up a few parenting tips along the way. Here’s to more fun-filled, energy-burning, memory-making days with your toddler!

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