Newborn, Senior, and Family
Portrait Photographer
in New Market, Maryland

Newborn, Senior, and Family Portrait Photographer in New Market, Maryland

Photography Products That Tell Your Story

Senior Photographer

Hello! I’m Kathy White, a dedicated newborn, family, and senior photographer based in New Market, MD. I am passionate about providing a personalized service, offering a portrait experience that captures your family’s special connection and unique personalities. At the end of your experience with me, you will walk away with more than digital files, but with tangible, archival heirlooms Today, I want to share with you the beautiful array of products I offer—each crafted to ensure that the joy and beauty captured in your photographs continue to tell your story.

Kathy White Photography Gorgeous Products:

The Original Photoblocks: A Touch of Handcrafted Elegance

One of my client favorites at KWP are the Original Photoblocks, meticulously handcrafted in The Netherlands. Unlike conventional methods where the image is printed directly onto the wood, your photographs are first printed and then adhered to the wood block. This method helps maintain the high quality of your images. Each block is then covered with a hand-brushed, protective layer that not only adds water and light resistance but also gives each piece the subtle charm of a painted artwork. These blocks are designed to be timeless, making them perfect for displaying your beloved portraits.


The Fine Art Album: Luxurious and Lasting

My Fine Art Albums are the epitome of luxury and durability. Constructed using the finest archival materials, these albums feature lay-flat pages that allow for stunning full-spread photos—making every page turn a dramatic reveal of life’s precious moments. My clients often remark that the images seem to leap off the page, thanks to the superior color representation and clarity. These albums are customizable with a variety of cover materials, including genuine Italian leathers, European linens, vegan options, and Japanese silks, offering an exquisite keepsake that you and your family will adore revisiting time and again.

Matted Portrait Collections: Elegance in Simplicity

Also available are my Matted Portrait Collections, which include a selection of 5, 15, or 30 images presented in beautiful archival matting. These prints feature a fine linen texture and are finished with a protective coating to ward off fingerprints and other marks, ensuring your portraits remain pristine. The 5-image option comes with a standard box, while the other options include a customizable linen box that can be personalized, making them an ideal gift or a treasured family heirloom.

Framed Print Options: The Pinnacle of Gallery Quality

For those looking for a statement piece, my deckle-edged framed portraits are unmatched in their elegance and visual impact. Though they are a premium option, their luxurious appeal makes them a worthwhile investment for those looking to add a sophisticated touch to their home décor.

Comprehensive Design and Service: From Session to Showcase

At Kathy White Photography, my commitment to excellence extends beyond the camera. Each photo session includes a gallery design service, where I personally assist you in selecting the ideal sizes and styles of artwork to enhance your living space. This service, included in the session fee, ensures that your final displays are as perfect as the moments they capture.

After capturing your images, I undertake a meticulous process of retouching and color correction, followed by collaboration with the finest professional print labs. This partnership ensures that every printed product is of archival quality, preserving the integrity and beauty of your photographs as enduring heirlooms.

Why Choose Printed Products?

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to overlook the value of a tangible print. However, there’s a profound difference in experiencing a photograph as a physical item rather than just pixels on a screen. Printed photos become part of your daily life, displayed in your home, touched, and felt; they become more than images—they are experiences and memories. By choosing to print your photographs, you are investing in future memories and creating heirlooms that will bring joy and beauty to your family’s space.

Join Me on This Beautiful Journey

At Kathy White Photography in New Market, MD, I specialize in newborn, family, and senior photography, and I take care of everything—from planning your session, helping with outfit selections, to designing your home gallery. My aim is to provide not just photographs but a fulfilling experience that culminates in beautiful, tangible keepsakes for you to enjoy in your home. I’d love to chat with you about your family and your vision for your artwork!

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