Kathy White Photography specializes in the art of newborn photography and it's where her photography journey began.
Read on to learn more about what Kathy offers for her fully styled newborn sessions at the KWP studio in New Market, Maryland. 

When should I book my newborn session? 
In order to secure a spot on my calendar, I highly suggest you book BEFORE baby is born, preferably during your second trimester. We will reserve time on and around your due date, ensuring you have a spot on my newborn schedule. Upon your baby’s arrival, you or someone you trust will contact the studio to arrange your actual session date that will be within the three-week window. 

How old should my baby be for his/her session?

Ideally, your newborn should be less than three weeks old for the session. Babies at this age are generally much sleepier, are able to get into various poses more easily, ensuring we have a most successful session. If, however, you have an older newborn, please reach out. Older babies take gorgeous photographs, too, and I am happy to accommodate last-minute bookings whenever my schedule allows.

Where will my newborn session take place?

Your newborn session will take place in my cozy New Market studio where you'll have access to my extensive collection of newborn outfits, bonnets, wraps, buckets, and props that are designed
 to fit your newborn perfectly. Newborns photograph best in their natural state, so you do not need to bring any outfits to your session. This is your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your
 precious baby's first photoshoot and not worry about bringing anything except the essentials (diapers, formula, etc.).

Are sibling/family photos included?
Yes! Your family's first portraits are very special and I make every effort to capture photos of your baby with their siblings and other family members. This service is included in your session fee.

How long will my newborn session last?
Newborn sessions typically last approximately three - four hours to ensure we have time for multiple setup changes, feedings, and settling. These sessions are never rushed! I follow baby's lead
and we take breaks whenever necessary to ensure your baby is comfortable and well taken care of throughout the session.

 Safety is my biggest priority when working with newborns. The studio is sanitized between sessions to include all of the fabrics and props your baby will come in contact with. 
My newborn training has focused on safe posing techniques and I take this very seriously. I will never pose your baby in an unsafe position, unstable prop, or jeopardize their safety in any way.
In cases of photographer or client illnesses, sessions will be rescheduled.